Getting Ready to go Gluten-Free…Soon…ish

glutenLet’s get the long story made short out of the way first: I have a totally non-life-threatening, but incredibly annoying, autoimmune condition that is a result of my body sending inflammation to the wrong places. (Please note that I am not ashamed, and it is not a secret, but I prefer it not to be the first thing that comes up when business associates and future employers Google me, hence why the piece does not have my full name.) After a lot of recent reading that points to gluten intolerance as a cause for weird inflammatory diseases, I’ve decided to give going gluten-free a shot to see if it makes a difference. I’ve tried a lot of medical treatments that I stopped due to the side effects, so I’m looking forward to trying something that only has a side effect of longing for good, crusty Italian bread. I’m making the switch on June 1st, for no other reason than a long trip overseas in May where I a) don’t know how to ask about wheat in other languages and b) just want to eat whatever I want.

So until we get to June, I’ll be using this blog to document everything up to the switch to a gluten-free lifestyle. This will include everything from product recommendations, to research, to trial recipes, to musings on things I’ll miss, to gluten-filled things I’m enjoying while I can. So grab a big, fluffy piece of cake and follow along! And please do send any suggestions my way!


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