Thoughts on Mondays, and Foods I’ll Have to Say Goodbye To

First of all, this gif sums up my feelings about Mondays the way nothing else can:
I wanna goThis weekend I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day like a grownup, with a mimosa and non-crap beer brunch at a friend’s apartment, followed by a table in a not-too-crowded bar. (I’m growing up before my very eyes!) One thing I do during most meals now is think about if it would be possible (and if so, how) to make that meal gluten-free. To my happy surprise, most of the dishes had pretty easy substitutions (make French toast casserole with gluten-free bread, make the quiche crust with a substitute flour, enjoy mimosas in all their glory, etc.). However, there was one dessert that I’m not sure one could ever recreate, and thus I am so glad I was able to enjoy it this weekend: slutty brownies.
browniesThat would be cookie dough, topped with an Oreo, topped with brownie batter, and gloriously underbaked.

If you can make me a gluten-free version of this I will give you a puppy.


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