What’s the Funniest Search Term That’s Brought People to Your Blog?

noseFor those of you who do not spend your days swamped in page view counts, you may not know that one thing a lot of websites do is study what search terms brought people in, so they can create more content around those terms. It’s good for everyone to do this every so often (for example, I should probably do more small-batch frosting recipes), but in real life the highlight of this is to see what truly ridiculous terms brought people to your site. Here are some search terms that brought people here in the past month:

  • can I add sriracha to sour cream (OBVIOUSLY, PEOPLE)
  • pita cake (what.)
  • not too fudgy not too cakey
  • angry birds human version

The Internet is truly a wondrous place. (P.S. This site is now cakeistheonlythingthatmatters.com! The wordpress link will still redirect, but now we are more official here in Cakeland.)

What’s the best term that brought people to your site recently? (If you’re a WordPress user, just check “stats.”) Share in the comments!


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