Thank God for Milkshakes, and Other Foods That Are Already Gluten-free

coffeeI often tell my friend Jess that she is my wisest friend. Sometimes this is about television, or whether I should go to Duane Reade or the gym first, but sometimes it is about important life things. Today I mentioned how happy I am that milkshakes are gluten-free, to which she responded:

Jessica:  i feel like when i read about people going gluten-free it’s all about what they’ll have to give up, or change or adapt
but there’s plenty of things you enjoy now that you’ll be able to continue doing as-is
As Official Wisest Friend, she is right! Inspired by OWF, here is my list of food I already love with all my tastebuds that I will not have to say goodbye to:
  • milkshakes
  • sushi (with GF soy sauce)
  • Mexican food (with corn tortillas)
  • cheese
  • avocados
  • macarons (holla, almond flour)
  • frosting
  • chocolate
  • iced coffee/tea
  • Fonuts
  • sangria
  • grapes
  • tomato-cheddar soup
  • sauce, ketchup, and all other tomato-based products
  • eggs, all styles
  • hashbrowns, curly fries, and other potato-based products
I’m sure there will be more to add! What did I miss?

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