Finding Joy in the Little Things

I don’t really have any words to describe what happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday, as horrible doesn’t seem strong enough. This country has had a lot of senseless tragedies in the last 12 years (which there also aren’t words for), but this reminded me so strongly of September 11. I imagine Bostonites felt exactly as we New Yorkers felt in 2001: surprised, shocked, but mostly terrified because we didn’t know if more was coming. I’m thankful for social media in times like these–thanks to Facebook, I knew within a few short hours that all of my friends in Boston, many of whom I knew would be at the marathon, were safe. It’s a luxury we didn’t have on September 11; it took at least 12 hours before we knew that my pseudo-aunt, who worked on the 80-somethingth floor of the second tower, had made it out okay. (Though I’m sure time feels endless in these situations no matter what.)

Rather than dwelling on the upsetting, the aftermath of tragedies like this make for a really good time to appreciate the good things we have in life, and I’m lucky there are so many to pick from. Here are four:
It's finally spring Spring appears to be here to stay.
Dachshund with a bowtieThey make little bow ties and cuffs for dogs (the joys of being on Petco’s press list).
Yankees gameBaseball season is here, along with my future husband Robinson Cano.
TacosPotluck taco Tuesday (tacluck?) at work.

What are you thankful for?


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