Making Sure Shameless Self-Promotion Really Is Shameless

Last week I did a piece for Buzzfeed about the 25 best fashion moments on Friends. Friends is my favorite show ever, and I love a good gif, so I had a great time working on the post–it barely felt like work at all. A few hours after the post went up, I got an email from Buzzfeed that they were putting the post on the homepage. I think even people not in web journalism know that this is a Big Deal. I was so excited and immediately took a screen shot to save the moment, and to send to my mom. I was incredibly proud of myself, and opened up Facebook to go post it there–but then I paused. Would this seem overly braggy? I didn’t want to look obnoxious, or like I thought I was so great. But I didn’t want to feel ashamed about this. Getting on any homepage, let alone the homepage of a well-read, well-known, and well-clicked website isn’t an everyday occurrence, especially when you’re an editor in your day job and mainly working behind the scenes. So I posted it.
buzzfeed homepage
Spoiler alert: no one called me braggy, it got a ton of likes, and a bunch of my friends even shared it on their own walls. So the moral of the story is: don’t be ashamed of your achievements! Obviously there’s such a thing as sharing too much, but I think we all need to be better about standing up and being publicly proud of our bigger successes. I know I need to be better about this, so this was a good start…especially since this week an article I wrote for GalTime about personal style in my 20s got picked up by the Huffington Post!

Maybe after this weekend I can write a post about how I won the 5K tomorrow. HAHAHhahaahAHahAHahA.


*This post is in no way brought to you by Lean In. Seriously.



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