Going Gluten Free Looks a Lot Closer from This Side of May

Suddenly, it’s May, and suddenly, I’ll be going gluten free in less than a month.

I’ve definitely been using this time to take advantage of foods I won’t be able to eat come June, like specific pizzas, cupcakes, and bagels from my favorite places. But now that GF-Day looms ever closer, I’ve realized I really need to buckle down and start preparing. There are a lot of products that I’ll need to find replacements for (more on that later this week or next!), but there are a few things I eat on a regular basis that I’ll need to find gluten-free replacements for. Some of the big ones:

Whole wheat bread: Oh bread, my love. My go-to lunch to bring to work is a sandwich, and my go-to I-have-no-food dinner is a grilled cheese. While I’ll try to replace these with options like salads, a girl still needs a good loaf of bread.

CakeGranola bars: I depend on these for quick breakfasts and snacks when I’m short on time, or when I’m not feeling very hungry but know that I need to eat something. I especially like Luna Bars because they have a lot of extra nutrients and vitamins packed into them, but I’m not sure if GF granola bars get that fancy.

CakeIsTheOnlyThingThatMatters.comPasta: I have pasta once a week at the very bare minimum, but usually more frequently than that. So far I’ve been told to avoid rice pasta and try quinoa pasta for texture, but I’ll definitely have to try a bunch until I find one that most closely tastes and feels like my beloved semolina.

CakeIsTheOnlyThingThatMatters.comFlour: This is probably one of the most important things I’ll need to find that I truly love. I’m an avid baker and have a lot of recipes I’d like to adapt, but I’ll need just the right gluten-free flour blend to do so. I also use flour in lots of other recipes, like when breading chicken or making a roux for macaroni and cheese. I’d also like to be able to make things with it that I can freeze for quick use, since I won’t be able to buy them anymore, like pizza dough and pie crust. King Arthur, Cup for Cup, and Bob’s Red Mill are the brands I hear most often (after “make your own flour blend!” which is just not possible in my teeny kitchen). I’m planning to start with King Arthur, since that’s the brand I use and love now, and all their products tend to be quite good.

Do you have any gluten-free product recommendations? I’d love to hear them! (Bonus points if I can get them at Trader Joe’s or Fairway.)


4 thoughts on “Going Gluten Free Looks a Lot Closer from This Side of May

  1. Gf bread has come a long way! Try any of the Kinnikinnick soft breads or Udi brand. They’re quite good. You can get them both with whole grain with added fiber.

    Best gf pasta is corn based – cooks ups very similar to wheat pasta without going soggy.

    Kind bars are amazing gf granola bars and come in great flavors!

    For gf flour, it’s just a simple mix if 3 flours and you can make ahead of time then use that mix cup for cup in any recipe. There’s a recipe on my site if you search for it.

    Good luck! I promise it’s not so bad and if you have any questions, you know where to find me!

    • I’m not opposed to making my own flour blend; i just simply do not have the storage space for multiple kinds of flours!

  2. Ditto on the Udis’ bread! The slices are teeny, but it’s really pretty good (esp toasted), and the whole grain version is good too. I like Trader Joe’s corn pasta, and honestly, their rice pasta isn’t bad either. Skip the gluten-free granola, and if you ever figure out how to make quinoa porridge let me know because every time I have tried, it has been a massive failure. TJs also makes an all-purpose gluten free flour — I’m not a super avid baker, but I’ve used it cup-for-cup in some basic recipes and they turn out ok.

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