Gluten-free Food Shopping Is Expensive

Realizing that I probably didn’t want to wake up tomorrow, DGF-Day, without any gluten-free food in my apartment other than eggs and cheese, I did my first round of gluten-free food shopping last night. Most of the supermarket chains in NYC leave something to be desired, but recently one of the better ones, Fairway, opened up fairly close to my apartment, so I went there last night after going for a run (related: apparently running outside in 90-degree weather is not the activity for me). I do plan to mostly focus on eating foods that are naturally gluten free, especially since it’s summer and vegetables are finally flavorful, but I needed a bunch of baseline basics to get going, or to replace certain items in my pantry. Here’s what I picked up in my first gluten-free grocery haul:
Cake Is the Only Thing That MattersI picked up a variety of different brands of stuff partially so I can start figuring out what I like, and partially because I studied the ingredient lists on everything and some brands sounded more appealing than others (Glutino bread crumbs, for example, are just one kind of grain, and also include sugar, which I don’t want in my breadcrumbs), or had a healthier mix of GF grains in them. Fairway was a very heartening place to start my grocery shopping, as they have a huge aisle of just GF products, as well as other GF products spread throughout the store (which, however, led to me accidentally buying the non-GF chicken nuggets, which I didn’t realize until I got home, because the boxes were just mixed in with the GF ones). The bill was…not cheap (I skipped xanthan gum because the price just seemed absurd), so I’m hoping to find anything else I need at Trader Joe’s, and hopefully will be able to continue doing most of my grocery shopping there, which I do now.

Let me know what products I should buy next time!

I really cannot believe tomorrow is THE DAY.


2 thoughts on “Gluten-free Food Shopping Is Expensive

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