I Am Offically Gluten Free! And It’s Terrible [First GF Weekend Update]

Remember when I had a grand old time doing my first gluten-free grocery shopping at Fairway?

Poor, naive Alie.

Grocery shopping, formerly my favorite, is now the worst.
If you are not gluten-free, take a look at just a couple labels next time you go grocery shopping. Basically everything has gluten in it. I was prepared for it to happen, but not to such an extent. Do you think balsamic vinaigrette should have gluten in it? Half the ones I looked at in the store did. It is sorely disappointing to pick up item after item that you think could be okay, and have to put it down. I took a field trip to my favorite grocery store ever, Wegmans, this weekend, and just bought vegetables, cheese, and a sad little container of chocolate mousse (I say sad because it was literally the only thing in their glorious bakery section that was okay).

I know that I am being dramatic, and this is just a major life adjustment…but like most major life adjustments, it sucks.

To be fair, I didn’t starve this weekend. I was able to go out to dinner my very first gluten-free day without problems. My roommate wanted Thai, so I googled “gluten free thai nyc” and quickly found a restaurant near our apartment that we had never been to before. They had a lot of clearly marked GF options on the menu, and I got a special summer dish, pad Thai made with zucchini as noodles.
It was spicy and really good, but i had to order a side of rice because I need my carbs.

I had a bridal shower to attend on day two of gluten-free living (to which I called ahead to find out the menu), and was pleasantly surprised that I could eat every course: risotto, chicken and mashed potatoes, and créme brulée. (I had to move my roll to my friend’s plate, because I swear it had googly eyes and was staring at me.)

I know/have to believe that things will get better once I’m used to this very new lifestyle. I think it’s just like any change, where as much as you try to prepare, there’s no way to be fully ready. It’s especially hard when something that has always given you such pleasure is what gets so difficult. I just have to hope I’ll stop feeling so womp-womp about it all sooner rather than later.


2 thoughts on “I Am Offically Gluten Free! And It’s Terrible [First GF Weekend Update]

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