Let’s Talk About Gluten-free Bread

This is not a complaint about how you have to toast gluten-free bread before you can eat it (I like toasted bread). This is not a post about the taste of gluten-free bread (it’s pretty good, actually).

My issue is with the size.
The secret to the best grilled cheese ever!!
Here are some comments friends left on my Instagram of this photo last night:
“Did you buy glutton free bread by accident?”
“Hobbit size for sure”

That is a tablespoon for reference in this photo of one of my two grilled cheeses that I ate last night. I don’t think anyone could eat just one and feel full with bread that size. And the size, in turn, makes gluten-free bread even more expensive than it already is, because needing to eat more slices means I go through a loaf in one week, whereas it took me two weeks to get through a loaf of gluten-y, normal-size bread, which costs less to begin with.

Udi’s, I really hope you have a Google Alert set up about yourself, because seriously, you need to make bread that is normal sized.

Next up on my breads to try list: Kinnikinnick, which I’ve been told tastes even more like whole wheat and is much more normal sized, and a fresh GF loaf from Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery in the East Village. I shall report back.

P.S. The secret to great grilled cheese is to heat the pan for a while on medium, melt butter in it, then add your assembled sandwich and turn the heat down to low. Once it’s browned, take it out, melt more butter, flip it and put it back in. This allows the bread to brown but not burn while the cheese has time to fully melt. AND NOW YOU KNOW.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Gluten-free Bread

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  2. Honestly, I think Udi’s is the worst gf bread out there. The taste is awful! If you an get to a Whole Foods, they have the best gf bread, although if you have gf bakeries near you, they may do a great loaf as well. Whole Foods loaves are bigger, and the bread actually has some flavor.

    Since you just started your journey you’ll have to see where this goes, but for me I realized that because all of the specialty gf baked goods are expensive and not always great, I opted to eat them sparingly. I realized to feel good I needed to not just replace gluten full things with gluten free things, but to switch what I ate to a more protein/veggie based diet. Again, you’ll figure out what works for you.

    • Thanks! I’ll definitely try the Whole Foods bread. I am going to try to limit the replacement stuff the more I get used to the diet, but sandwiches are my very favorite food, so I just can’t give up the bread.

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