The Light at the End of the [Tired] Tunnel?

Something weird’s been going on the past two days. I’ve been…not tired.
Saying that normally I’m always tired might be hyperbole, but usually, I’m tired. I’ve gotten so used to it that it took me completely by surprise yesterday when I realized that my feeling that something was off was that I wasn’t tired. I think the only reason I recognized the not-tired feeling is because I was so recently on vacation. I don’t feel like I have the energy to leap between rooftops and run marathons, but I don’t feel the weight of exhaustion on me. I don’t know if this is a fluke, if my coffee’s been stronger than usual, or…if it’s the lack of gluten. I’ve heard claims that giving up gluten gives you more energy, but I really didn’t think I’d experience that, since that’s not the problem I’m trying to fix. If this sticks around and isn’t just the coffee, however, I’m okay with it, especially since it’ll be months before I know if going GF is truly helping.

It’ll be nice to have some quicker benefits, because this adjustment period is a PAIN. Last night three of my friends and I had our traditional Harry Potter and sushi fest that is our tradition whenever our friend who moved to L.A. is in town. This was my first time having sushi since going gluten free, and if you look at my search history on any of my iDevices, you’ll see a LOT of searches relating to it. I stopped by the place we always order from a few days ago to ask if they offered gluten-free soy sauce (they don’t) and if they add anything to the rice with gluten in it (they don’t). But I completely forgot to ask about my favorite sushi condiment, spicy mayo. After my Googling fest, I still didn’t have a conclusion; most of the Internet agrees that Japanese spicy mayo is gluten free because Kewpie (the most common Japanese mayonnaise) and sriracha are gluten free, but there were quite a few people who said no. Ultimately, I’ll have to just go to my sushi spot in person and ask to see the ingredients they use, but since we were ordering in on Seamless, I didn’t want to chance anything, and decided to try to make my own spicy mayo.
Important, not-so-fun fact: American mayo and Japanese mayo ARE NOT THE SAME. I’ve always found mayo to be pretty gross, so my friends and family have always found my love of spicy mayo odd. However, I now know from my obsessive googling that Japanese mayo is made with rice vinegar and thus has a completely different taste. I only discovered this after I took a bunch of Kraft mayo packets from Panera, so I tried to replicate the flavors by adding rice vinegar to my mayo-packet-and-sriracha mixture. Kids, it’s not the same. Do not try it, unless you really like globs of American mayo. I wouldn’t call it disgusting but…it was not good. I ended up just eating my sushi spice-free. (Thankfully, gluten-free soy sauce tastes exactly the same, if not better, than regular soy sauce.) Clearly, a trip to talk to the chef at my favorite sushi place is in order.

P.S. The cupcake above is the gluten-free red velvet from Sprinkles, which my friend Jess so kindly brought me. It was quite good (really fluffy and moist!), but I didn’t love the taste of the cake without any frosting–they really need each other.


4 thoughts on “The Light at the End of the [Tired] Tunnel?

  1. Hi Alex, I just found your blog today. You’re a lot like me, in that we’ve both recently given up gluten for better health. I switched to this life style in March of this year. I want to warn you that in addition to any sauces on your sushi, you need to watch out for Imitation crab meat that’s in California rolls and others. It has wheat in it! I was shocked to find that out. Best wishes and good luck on your gluten free journey!

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  3. Making spicy crab is pretty easy at home – hellmans and sriracha are really all you need. Most grocery stores now have GF crab stick or shredded crab. I mix it up to taste and then add a dash of sesame oil and it’s awesome. I do have celiac disease, but I don’t react to Kewpie mayo. My daughter does react, so I stay away and just make my own. What kills me is I can’t have Eel sauce which is my total favorite and the ones I try at home suck.

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