Little Things I’m Loving, Mid-June Edition

As I said earlier this week, I’m worried this blog is becoming too much of a rant against the not-that-difficult difficulties of life lately, so I’m going to start a little mini-series where I share the things I’m loving right now. Maybe you’ll love them too! Perhaps eventually they’ll have a theme, but considering the general theme of my brain is “all over the place,” a varied assortment seems fitting.

Statement necklaces from JCrew Factory
These statement necklaces from JCrew Factory, all purchased for far less than the site lists them for (and the top right one in orange).

Joss Whedon’s adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.

My friend Amy’s great piece about personal style blogs that I agree with 100 percent.


This blog about two corgis named Gatsby and Scout. I check this at least once a day when I’m stressing out and it always makes me feel better.

The New York Public Library. They’ve really gotten snazzy since I last used them regularly (high school, for Cliffs Notes). Did you know you can just reserve whatever you want online and they’ll deliver it to whatever library you want for you to just pick up? I love the future.

And that’s how I’m getting all the Harry Potter audiobooks to burn to my iTunes. There is nothing more zen on a commute to/from work than listening to them (and the reader does a different voice for every character. He even sings as the Sorting Hat and it will be the greatest thing you’ve ever heard.)

cakeistheonlythingthatmatters.comMy dad! Happy early Father’s Day to the man who always taught me the importance of having a sense of humor, making your own fun, and that chocolate chips make everything better.


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