Gluten Free Au Natural [Alternate Title: Le Struggle]

My goal at the start of this week was to focus on eating foods that were naturally gluten free, and trying to eat as few replacement products as possible. It started off so well! I made this great shakshuka recipe, and I remembered to use the bag of chia seeds I bought at Trader Joe’s on everything (they’re good for you in every way possible, don’t have a taste, and are a great unnoticeable way to feel more healthy). I bought a TON of salad stuff so that I could make salads for the week, and they really have been quite tasty.
Gluten free salad from Cake Is The Only Thing That MattersMy base has been assorted baby lettuces/spring mix, grilled chicken, cheese, grape tomatoes, Craisins, and chia seeds, topped with balsamic vinaigrette. To mix it up, I’ve also been adding assorted veggies like avocado, corn, and leftover sauteed broccoli. Like I said, they’ve been good, but salad gets really boring after a while, and always leaves me craving something sweet later in the afternoon.

I managed to power through until yesterday, when I was just so over vegetables and chicken. I got cheese enchiladas for lunch (corn tortillas are natural, right?) and then got this beauty at Friedman’s Lunch in Chelsea Market for dinner:
Friedman's Lunch gluten free grilled cheeseThat would be a bacon and caramelized onion (gluten free) grilled cheese you’re looking at there. But I’ve decided I don’t feel bad about it at all. It was delicious. Eating limited carbs just isn’t for me, and that’s okay. It’s okay if there are some replacement products here and there in my diet. As long as I’m making sure that the majority of my diet is healthy, as I’ve always done, and I’m being careful to avoid gluten, that’s what matters. Making myself not eat bread or cupcakes or anything else that isn’t gluten free by nature is just going to leave me angry and bitter, and make it a lot harder for me to do this. It’s only been three weeks–I have to keep telling myself that. Getting used to a complete overhaul of my eating habits won’t happen in just a few weeks. They say acceptance is the first stage (of more serious things, but I think a major diet change is pretty serious), and I’m getting there, and that’s what matters.

And there’s always babies in costumes and ridiculous new Instagram videos to cheer me up.


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