One Month Gluten Free Down, At Least Five More to Go!

I survived my first month of being gluten free!


Thanks for being gluten free, brisket.

A lot of people have asked me what’s surprised me most about going gluten free. The honest answer is the roller coaster of emotions I’ve felt. I was truly, utterly miserable for the first 10 or so days, both physically and mentally. One month in, it’s more just the practicalities that annoy me; mainly, the fact that gluten free bread sucks no matter how you slice it (ba-dum-ching), and how annoying it is to travel anywhere further than around the city. I have to pack oodles of snacks for the beach alone, and that’s just an hour away. Longer travel gets way more complicated. I went on a road trip to Cape Cod this weekend for a family wedding, and had a very sad lunch on the road of a gluten-free muffin top I’d packed, the fries from a McDonald’s happy meal, and a few apple slices. I hadn’t even thought about how unfriendly rest stops would be.

(On the bright side, the wedding included the iiiincredible slow-BBQed brisket you see up above, and some iiiincredible exuberant dance moves from all members of my family, below.)

Dancing at

The “adults” were on the dance floor more than the “kids.”

My next travels are to Los Angeles, which I’m pretty sure has even more gluten free options than New York. My main concern is, like the road to Cape Cod, the actual traveling. The flight to LA is almost six hours long, and when you factor in travel to the airport and getting there with enough time, that’s about nine hours that I have to plan for, and I’m not the kind of person that can be tided over by a large lunch. I think the best assumption is to factor on the airport not having a single gluten-free snack. I’m sure that’s not actually the case, but I’d rather have too much food than be starving. Right now I’m thinking of packing a small bag of chips (Cape Cod brand, obviously), a Larabar (did you know those were gluten free??), another granola-y type bar or a banana, and some string cheese (frozen for an hour or so, to stay cold).

Gluten free folks, what do you usually pack when you travel?


2 thoughts on “One Month Gluten Free Down, At Least Five More to Go!

  1. If your airline does offer dietary options book in advance for a GF meal so you will know you have something. Otherwise I’d recommend packing your own food so you don’t go hungry 🙂

    And yes I know what you mean about the sad lunch of McDonald’s happy fries, been there!

    Hope your trip goes well otherwise 🙂

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