Little Things I’m Loving, July Edition

Continuing (aka, actually sticking with) the series I started last month about little things around the world/Internet that I am really into lately – go me! I hereby present the July edition:
shorts collage

Patterned shorts (these are from Madewell and the Gap). I actually own none of them.

Orphan Black, which is the best show on television that you’re not watching. All of season one is available on BBC America on demand right now (and iTunes, obviously). It’s riveting, has incredible acting, and is so very marathonable. Seriously, go watch it, then come back and tell me how much you love it.

This post by my friend Feifei that every intern needs to read.

Puppies. I’m trying to hold out for my 30th birthday to get one (theoretically I’ll be more responsible by then), but my friendsdogs are making this hard.

The fact that I “paid” for my trip to LA using air miles that I earned myself, and that I managed to finagle myself a free upgrade to economy plus. And that I even did it. I am a terrible flyer despite all my traveling, and it’s a big deal for me that I can now manage such a long flight by myself.


This piece my friend Chris wrote about the DOMA and Prop 8 rulings. Also, his wedding is going to be magazine-worthy, I can feel it.

Trader Joe’s, because they seem to have more new gluten free products every time I go.

These pictures of Snape.

Fonuts. All I want is a New York location.


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