I Never Want Summer to End…But I Do Like Shopping for Fall

Summer is my favorite season. It is the best one and I will accept no arguments in this matter.

However, I do really like fall. Nowhere near as much as summer, but it’s a pretty good second-place season. I mostly like it for the clothes–being able to put together layered outfits without needing to cover them up with a huge coat because it’s negative 17 degrees outside is a fun use of my (tiny) closet. And with my new crop of birthday gift cards, here’s what I’m planning to stock up on*:
fall shopping basics1 – lowish-heeled booties. I’m planning to buy these, in brown, from Madewell this week, because while I prefer to do all my shopping there during sales, I have a feeling they won’t go on sale for a veeery long time. I think they’re a good day-to-night option.

2 – sweaters that aren’t gray. As I was looking for a sweater to feature for this post, I found half a dozen gray sweaters I loved. But when taking sweater inventory the other day and noticing just how many gray sweaters I have (we don’t have to get into details, but most of my sweaters are gray), I am instituting a rule that I am not allowed to buy gray sweaters this year. I do like this JCrew one (which I will get only when they have a sale–don’t shop there without one, kids), not that I need more things with polka dots…

3 – a leather jacket. I don’t really have a good in-between jacket, so a nice leather one would be perfect. I want something classic enough to last a few seasons, since they’re not exactly inexpensive, but still modern-looking. This Nordstrom one is a good start.

4 – moar statement necklaces! I have a problem.

5 – a new leather everyday bag. My current regular purse is not long for this world–I love it and I’ve had it for years (it’s the bag in this post, which isn’t sold anymore), but it’s going to need replacing soon. I have no idea what style I’m really looking for (this one is just okay), and well-made leather bags do not come cheap, so this is one I probably won’t actually buy.

6 – sheer polka dot tights. I tried to buy these three times last year and all of them ripped. Hopefully this year I can find a pair that lasts.

Thanks for enabling a shopping spree, birthday!

*I apologize for the lack of posting/meaty posts lately! Work has been quite busy and, sadly, I do need to put my paying job before this here blog.


3 thoughts on “I Never Want Summer to End…But I Do Like Shopping for Fall

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