Three Months Gluten Free!

Let’s celebrate with this series of selfies I tried to take with one of my dogs the last time I was home, all of which failed (yet totally won) because his ear was sticking out so far.
Cute dachshund on Cake Is The Only Thing That MattersSo here’s the three-month update: there is no update. I haven’t really seen any changes or improvements yet, but I’ve been told that it could take up to a year for my body to “heal” from all the gluten I’ve ever subjected it to, so I wasn’t really expecting anything. I will say that I am definitely eating better than I did before going gluten free, since I now tend to eat more salads and vegetables in general. The fact that it’s harder to find baked goods hasn’t stopped me, but it has slowed me down. Hopefully I can keep that up as the weather turns colder, produce gets thinner, and I have more time inside for baking.

Fingers crossed for better news at the six month update!


One thought on “Three Months Gluten Free!

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