Behold: Gluten-free Challah Exists

Challah is the greatest kind of bread that exists in the world. This is an objective fact, so please do not argue. If I were to cheat on being gluten free with anything, it would be challah.

So when Rosh Hashanah rolled around, I knew I needed to find myself a gluten free substitute, or it was very likely that I would go off the rails. At first I looked at recipes, but as I still haven’t done much gluten-free baking, and bread is tricky even if you’ve got gluten on your side, I ended up turning to store-bought. After reading a whoooole lotta product reviews, I decided to try Katz Gluten Free.
How to get gluten free challah breadThe good news is that this was the first gluten-free bread I’ve eaten that didn’t absolutely need to be toasted. It is most definitely better when toasted, but I was able to douse plain slices in honey with the rest of my family. The texture is, of course, not quite the same, as challah’s wonderful stretchiness is thanks to that jerk gluten, but the flavor is pretty close. Their challah would absolutely work in French toast and bread pudding perfectly, too. They sell the challah in a lot of ways and sizes, but I just bought the small loaf (knife and honey for scale) as I’m the only GF member of my family.

I would definitely try more of their bread products, but I’d stick with those; I also tried their gluten-free hamentaschen and they were not very edible, unfortunately. If you’d like to give their breads a try, Katz will give you 35 percent off your fist order if you use my referral link, so here it is!

Also: I’ve been doing a little freelance writing on the side. Check out the two pieces I wrote for Cosmo recently!
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[Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I found and paid for these products myself.]


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