Gluten Free NYC

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the restaurants in New York with gluten-free options, but simply a list of spots I’ve tried that I’d recommend (or recommend with reservations). Please keep in mind that if you have a severe allergy or Celiac you should call ahead to any of these locations–as I am only dealing with an intolerance, I don’t need to worry about any slight traces of gluten.

P.S. Scroll down for gluten-free restaurant recommendations in other cities!

Five Napkin Burger – offers gluten-free buns for their burgers [multiple locations]
Friedman’s Lunch – almost the entire menu can be made gluten free (excellent GF sandwich bread) [Chelsea & Midtown West]
Monument Lane – many naturally GF dishes [West Village]
Spring Street Natural – marks GF options on the menu, lots of salads [Soho]

Birdbath Neighborhood Bakery and City Bakery – City Bakery and its green offshoot offer two GF cookie flavors [multiple locations]
Crumbs Gluten Free – cupcakes, breads, cookies, and more treats in this separate, GF-only offshoot of the chain [Greenwich Village]
Georgetown Cupcake – offers a different GF cupcake each day of the week and servers change their gloves automatically (tastes better than their regular cupcakes!) [Soho]
Irving Farm – coffee shop that always has at least one GF baked good on offer (cakes are excellent) [Gramercy]
Jennifer’s Way Bakery – everything in this bakery is GF, and many items are also dairy-free and refined sugar-free [East Village]
Sprinkles – offers their red velvet cupcake GF [Midtown]
Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery – every single treat in this bakery is GF, and they have some dairy-free options too [East Village]

Lilli and Loo – offers Chinese and Thai dishes, as well as sushi. Separate, multi-page gluten free menu [Upper East Side]
Lili’s 57 – sister restaurant to Lilli & Loo [Midtown West]

Cafecito – offers lots of meat and rice dishes that are naturally GF (servers will let kitchen know you’re GF regardless) [East Village]

Cafe Hadar – lots of egg dishes and salads on the menu [Brooklyn]

Bistango – every dish on all menus (brunch, dinner, dessert) either is or can be prepared gluten free (Read the full review HERE!) [Murray Hill]
Corsino – GF pastas available, but wait staff can be quite careless [West Village]
Emporio – one of my very favorite restaurants in NYC now offers GF pizza crust and pasta for any dish [Nolita]
Lavo – can replace all pasta dishes with GF spaghetti, and can prepare most mains and salads GF [Midtown]
Mozzarelli’s – a regular pizzeria that offers a TON of GF options, including slices (in many toppings), pastas, wraps, and baked goods [Flatiron]
Otto – will do any pastas GF, but wait staff can be careless [Greenwich Village]
Risotteria – the gluten-free-iest restaurant in Manhattan. GF pizzas (even thick crust!), paninis, pastas, and (of course) risotto [West Village]
Rubirosa – full GF menu! [Soho]
Sambuca – large, separate GF menu that also shows what regular appetizers can be shared [Upper West Side]
Sauce – potato pasta, lots of salads/appetizers [Lower East Side]
Tribeca Pizzeria – offers GF crust [Tribeca]
Two Boots – will do any pizza with GF crust for just $2 more [multiple locations]

Blue Ribbon Sushi & Grill – GF soy sauce available [Midtown West]
Eight Turn Crepe – all crepes are made with rice flour (just watch for crepes with gluten-y fillings) [Soho]
Souen – GF ramen & macrobiotic plates (many vegan options too) [East Village]

Franchia – also a bit of Asian fusion, this restaurant is completely vegan with a decent-sized GF menu [Murray Hill]

ABC Cocina – corn tortillas, educated wait staff to help with the rest of the menu [Union Square]
Agave – corn tortillas, the usual (also great margaritas) [West Village]
Chipotle – everything is GF except the flour tortillas [multiple locations]
El Centro – corn tortillas, the usual [Hell’s Kitchen]
Mexican Radio – clearly specifies corn vs. flour tortillas on all menu items; most are corn [Soho]

Lantern – will prepare most noodle or rice dishes GF, just make sure you specify both GF and not to use soy sauce [Gramercy]
Ngam – clearly marked GF options [East Village]
Republic – has a small menu pulling out their gluten-free options, but broth dishes actually do have gluten, so be careful [Union Square]
Rhong Tiam – huge chunk of menu is marked as GF, but note that spicy dishes are VERY spicy (takeout and delivery only) [Flatiron]

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3 thoughts on “Gluten Free NYC

  1. Nizza in NYC also has a gluten free menu. The gf bread they bring out before your meal tastes better than the regular bread (or so I am told by family and friends who I drag there)

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