I’m Alive!

Hi blog!

I’m sorry I’ve abandoned you so. I’m still here, and I’m still avoiding all the glutens, and I’m still experimenting in the kitchen (oat flour, i<3u let’s get married).
gluten free doubtsBut.

My heart just isn’t in it. I don’t really feel like it’s doing anything, I’m getting really bored of my limited cafeteria options at work, I’m sick of not being able to eat all the free treats that arrive in my office on a regular basis — I’m just over it. I said I would stick it out for a full year, and that year mark is quite suddenly(!) around the corner in June. Come next month, I may reevaluate the gluten situation. I don’t feel like my life has changed for the better, but just changed in a inconvenienced way. I don’t know that I would renounce gluten-free things completely (I think at this point I might actually prefer quinoa pasta), but maybe I wouldn’t say no to a bagel. I don’t know. But it’s been hard to blog excitedly about gluten-free cooking when I don’t feel excited about a gluten-free lifestyle at all.

I do have some good recipes I would like to post, recipes I’d want to keep making no matter what, so don’t give up on me yet.

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